school marquee 1

school marquee 2

school marquee 3

school marquee 4

school marquee 5

Great english class links

Class Rules / Procedures

Email Etiquette

The Scholarship Jacket (focus: Point of View)

How to Annoy Your Teacher w/out getting in trouble

Gustav Klimt Art Lesson

Many Klimt Art Lessons (black paper with woman/gold pen)

How to use Google Forms

Tone Reference scope scholastic

Reading Log Template ControlAchieve

Mr. Drasby’s Reading Log Sample

Reading Logs Google

Virginia is for Teachers Reading Log

Reading Record


Short Stories

Ray Bradbury documentary

The Pedestrian Prezi plot map etc

A Sound of Thunder 1

All Summer in a Day protagonist/antagonist etc. 

All Summer in a Day Storyboard That

There will come soft rain lesson

Engage New York – Dividing Fractions

Algebra 1 Online

Digital Citizenship

Digital Life 101

ramblings of a gifted teacher

ramblings wikipages (pal units)

PBL site 5th ELA  6th ELA

Reaching out Project

Google Historical Resources

show what you know with media

rubric for playing with slides

paper slide project

project based learning

blogs as digital portfolios

examples of digital portfolios

genius hour 

bots and coding

parental permission


it’s up for debate

debate resources 

debating good v evil  – human nature / relate to Macbeth

debates in middle school

National Shakespeare Competition

Public Speaking Competition

san diego branch 

Shakespeare competition 

Poetry Out Loud

Article of the Week

Formative – live feedback / assessment  tutorials

San Carlos vision


Survival Math #1

Loma Portal Survival Math examples

Survival Math

Survival Math Evaluation Form

Be an Expert Presentations

First Week info


sketchnoting resources

sketchnofrenzy video

e-learning for kids

type to learn

opinion paragraph info

integers flip

The Golden Goblet 1

The Golden Goblet 2

The Cay

Black Ships Before Troy

Greek Gods

math worksheets sub

new prompts of depth and complexity

introducing depth and complexity

depth and complexity icons


10 misspelled words that get me down

Greatest Common Factor LZ Lesson

Mesopotamia links

Ancient Greece

Recommended reading list

What is your Position

Introducing depth and complexity

Ancient Greece PBL

Being a Critical Reader + PEEL

curvy barbie / julius caesar

archaeology lesson plans


Ancient Greek PBL

PBL Gate Greece



TED talk music greece

Map of geography of the Iliad 

video: Secrets of the Past (3)

video: in search of the trojan war

sponge diver

daily life in greece (4)

ancient civilizations sites

Student Blogging Challenge

20 Time

20% Project

Genius Hour

20 Time Ideas

Genius Hour Ideas

Innovation Center



How to Write a Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article Image 1

Newspaper Article Image 2

Image 3 


envision gifted

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